Queen of Diamonds offers much more as two extra highlights

In the event that you find a Joker, you enter the Joker Bonus. In this small scale game, you want to pick from 16 cards. On the off chance that you uncover a Joker, it will propel the award meter while tracking down an ‘X’ grants a strike. You can continue to play until you find three strikes and you then win the amount of the relative multitude of Jokers uncovered.

Astonishingly, the extra offers ensured rewards of somewhere in the range of x25 and x10,000 your bet! The subsequent reward is the War reward, which starts on the off chance that you track down three brilliant cards. You will fight with the sovereign with every one of you uncovering a card. In the event that your card is higher in esteem, you win that round’s prize. You will play 20 adjusts and could win up to x1920!


On the off chance that you are feeling merry, why not partake in an excursion to Mexico with the Piñata! scratch card. It is a brilliant and exuberant game highlighting vivified prickly plants playing instruments, and it also allows you the opportunity to win more with various extra elements.

In each game round, you can buy up to 10 tickets and assuming any of them match the two winning images, you will win its related payout. Amazingly, each triumphant image can grant payouts of up to multiple times the ticket cost! The game additionally has two exceptional images that can help your payouts. There is a “Twofold the Prize” image, which obviously pairs your rewards, and a “Shock Win Symbol”, which will quickly grant the award.

In the event that you reveal the bean stew image, you will enact the reward round. The reward round has six levels and in each level you really want to browse seven plates. You will win the sum uncovered by the plate and afterward advance to the following round. In the event that you find the bean stew image, you win every one of the awards on the ongoing level. The game go on until you uncover a flatware image or you totally the levels as a whole.

Celebrity Gold

Occasionally, everybody merits a touch of extravagance, and that is the thing the scratch card VIP Gold will convey you (as well as the opportunity of huge successes!)

You can decide to purchase up to thirty tickets with each round and the fundamental thought is to match your passes to one of the ten winning numbers. In the event that a ticket matches, you win the sum showed on it, and you could win up to multiple times the ticket cost! Even better, the game has two extra highlights that can assist you with winning significantly more with each round.

Every one of the tickets can have exceptional gold pieces on them and these can prompt extra rewards. On the off chance that you find three, four or five of them you will win a reward payout of 30, 300 or multiple times your ticket cost.

In the event that you find a brilliant ticket image, you will enter the brilliant ticket reward game. In the reward game, you want to pick from 30 spaces until you track down four matching award sums. It is additionally conceivable to find x2 multiplier images that will twofold your rewards, and the reward game offers payouts of up to multiple times the ticket cost!

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